Blue Microphones Custom Shop Bottle Mic Locker

Blue Microphones Custom Shop Bottle Mic Locker


Flagship tube microphone system with choice of custom finish, power stream power supply with matching custom finish, and choice of four capsules

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The Blue Microphones Custom Shop Bottle Mic Locker offers a rare opportunity to own a limited edition Bottle. Designed to be the visual and sonic cornerstone of a studio, Custom Shop Bottles feature a variety of special finishes, from metallic, glossy hot rod colors to textured, hammer-tone and matte options. Choose from 6 new limited edition custom shop colors.

For over 20 years, Blue has delivered the state of the art in microphone design to the world’s top artists and studios. Blue's flagship, the Bottle Tube Microphone System embodies an artisanal blend of soul and character for a palette of unique and magnificent voices for your studio. Every Bottle is individually handmade in Westlake Village, CA by their production team of microphone engineers.

Bottle Caps

The Blue Microphones Custom Shop Bottle Mic Locker includes four interchangeable capsules of your choice for ultimate versatility in tonal variety.

The Bottle Cap Series offers an unprecedented creative palette for Bottle and BottleRocket Stage One mics. Inspired by the most coveted mics in recording history and forged for modern applications, the Bottle Caps embrace the past to define the future. The series delivers an extraordinary variety of timbres and polar patterns—with options ranging from vintage to modern—forming a world-class collection that would cost tens of thousands of dollars to obtain with individual mics. With the Bottle Caps, you can capture the unique character, dimension, and nuances of timeless performances from any vocalist or instrument.


Cardioid large diaphragm inspired by the vintage tube microphones that became pro audio milestones, B0 delivers an updated version of the warm, smoky vocal sound that defined a generation of legendary singers.


Cardioid small diaphragm fashioned after ultra-responsive classic tube mics that flattered high-frequency and extended-frequency instruments. By adding in proprietary Blue design elements, B1 produces crystalline accuracy and precision highs while maintaining a smooth signal for tracking instruments with fast transients and rich overtones.

B2 - The Vintage Capsule

B2 pays homage to the full sound of classic ribbon mics in a whole new way. Outfitted with a figure eight condenser capsule, B2 is able to replicate the sound of vintage ribbon mics while bearing up to higher SPL for an exquisitely present timbre.

B3 - The Neutral Capsule

With B3, Blue set out to deliver the sonic precision of classic cardioid settings. B3 brings a proprietary dual backplate capsule design that yields accurate recording tones when used with vocals and instruments—and it smooths out the top end with an added 2 dB at 12 kHz.

B4 - Big Omni

Based on the most sought-after omni tube mics, B4 delivers a very smooth sonic character with a slight boost in the bottom end around 80 Hz. But unlike its predecessors that were inaccurate when miked in stereo, each B4 is sonically matched together.


B5 produces the massive sound of widely celebrated Eastern Block pressure omni tube mics. It features a contoured sound with an 8-9dB depression at 400hz.


Influenced by elite vintage tube mics, B6 was developed to deliver powerfully rich tones without any of the drawbacks of its predecessors. B6 eschews high- and low-pass filters to yield an even smoother, more robust tone. It’s further enhanced by custom ceramic tensioning rings that eliminate the dreaded dropout of those earlier designs. The capsule also features a gold sputtered film for increased punch in the higher and lower frequencies—giving the B6 its very modern sound.


The B7 capsule was born from Blue's history of repairing and modding the classic mics owned by artists like Paul McCartney and John Lennon. B7 provides a tone reminiscent of the greatest recording mics of the 1940’s and 50’s, while adding in enhanced highs for a slight contemporary kick. It’s the ultimate in vintage detail and modern presence.


B8 is a hot-rod version of one of the world’s most famous condenser capsules. But unlike the capsules that inspired it, which were lacking in mids, B8 offers added midrange for fuller tone and a proprietary backplate design that makes it perfect for recording just about anything.


With a shimmering high-end, smooth midrange and intimate presence, the B9 Bottle Cap delivers commanding vocal and acoustic guitar performances that sit in front of the mix. Hot swappable with other Bottle Caps and custom made for Bottle and Bottle Rocket Stage One microphones, the B9 extends your collection of meticulously tailored mic sounds to perfectly capture your varied sound sources.


Extending the Bottle Cap series, the B10 features smooth, yet full sound with silky highs and a defined low end that is great for difficult to tame sound sources. Hot swappable with other Bottle Caps and custom made for Bottle and Bottle Rocket Stage One microphones, the B10 adds to your collection of meticulously tailored mic sounds for perfectly capturing your varied sound sources.


Custom made for the Bottle, the B11 flatters vocals and instruments with a round, classic sound and a rich, vintage mid-range, perfect for capturing vocals and instruments with vibe and character. Hot swappable with other Bottle Caps and custom made for Bottle and Bottle Rocket Stage One microphones, the B11 extends your collection of meticulously tailored mic sounds to perfectly capture your varied sound sources


  • Fully discrete Class A tube circuit with EF86 vacuum tube

  • Infinite tonal variation with interchangeable Bottle Caps

  • Power Stream Tube Mic power supply with variable capsule sensitivity dial

  • Custom multi-stage powder coat finish