KNIF Audio V804 Mic Pre - Dual Channel

KNIF Audio V804 Mic Pre - Dual Channel


Out of Stock. Estimated to ship 3-4 weeks after order. If you're familiar with the clarity, depth, musicality, and no-compromise designs of the KNIF Soma and Vari MuII, these preamps are no exception. Specs to the moon and realistic, lifelike tone, with just a touch of harmonic sugar sprinkled on the top.

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There is something very special in German audio engineering from the ‘50s. One thing that strikes me is the use of pentodes in the first stage of sensitive electronics. After analyzing the good and bad sides of the design and the price and quality of original Telefunken EF804S tubes, it was clear that this is the way to go. This Pre uses only two amplifier stages and the absolute minimum of other components. The performance is flawless.

Thanks to high step up ratio input transformer and the EF804S tube self noise is very low, comparable to the best solid state amps. Gain is adjusted in 5 dB increments with Elma rotary swithes and -20 pad is automatically switched on for the lowest gain settings.

The sound is transparent with a hint of smoothness in the top end. I find it really interesting how the sound can be so... nice and accurate at the same time. Subtle differences are hard to describe, so probably it is just as informative to say that V804 Pre sounds right what ever you do.

The V804 Pre is now available with optional DI inputs. They provide extremely low capacitance, only 15 pF (equivalent for one feet of the best cable you can get), to squeeze the last bits of treble juice from Hi-Z sources like guitars.